Quiet Cabin & Acustic Room

Easy Movable , on-site installation , aesthetic appearance (Metal Quiet Cabin )
Always offeres a hearing test booth is easily removable and can be easily installed additional parts .
Acoustic feature does not hurt because of this process .

Hospitals, Clinics & Audiology centers in order to provide reliable results of audiologic tests performed Quiet Cabin is required.
Audiology Center was founded by our company turnkey and quiet cabin manufacturing is done only if requested . So far, many of Audiology Center , University Acustic Cabin is made by us in a healthy manner . Quiet Cabin in the required measurements of single-walled or double-walled  on the Panels can be produced as quiet cabin is mounted , by engagement and jack connector is made available audiological devices .
Technically Features Metal Quiet Cabin ( single room ) by our company

The cabin was very effective acoustic steel panels oxides and purified from particular baked RAL 9002 color quality is very special .

Interior Panel Surface: Hygienic coating material has been designed in a subtle way with .
Exterior Panels : External sound waves Crusher and funds are features .
113x113x220 metal panel thickness is 12cm and 40 kg/m3 polyurethane injection .
Galvanized metal panels Unseen Face Rat is 9002 .
Insulating Front 12 6 12 mm spacing (3-ply laminated glass ) is windowed facade extent 70x50 cm .
Double-sided sound-proof glass can readily communicate with the patient .
There are 80x50 cm size table by the window .
70x180cm hinged door width is 40 to 42 Kg/m3 polyurethane injection.
Automatically locked and internally coated aluminum door frame opening mechanism.
Air duct and lighting are included as standard prompt .

Top : Outer : 113 x 113 cm
Inward from the inside : 89 x 89 cm
Height: Outer : 113x 113 cm
Inward from the inside : 89 x 89 cm
Height : Outer : 220 x 220 cm
Inward from the inside : 196 x 196 cm
Wall thickness: 12 cm
Ceiling thickness: 12 cm
Base thickness: 12 cm

70x180 cm net widths of 40 kg/m3 polyurethane injection.
Coated aluminum doors surroundings , automatic opening mechanism is locked and must be sincere .

Ease of portability
Acoustic window system
Acoustic door system
Cabinet Light
Invisible wiring
Cabin interior flooring
Control board and board
JAC compatible with all types of input device
Production of the desired dimensions

Prefer quiet cabin in the car 's panels are created by mating . The panels are designed
and is capable of easily demountable . All were made from pickled sheet . Panel facing the inside of the cabin
with sound absorbing sheet is used on the surface . Base , tires capable of preventing vibration
0.5 mm are mounted on rubber . Wall thickness is 120 mm. One in the cabin painted with electrostatic paint
insulated door is available. Door width and has been designed , ventilation ducts and lighting
system is included as standard . Double-sided sound-proof glass can readily communicate with the patient .



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