Restoration of Hearing loss with Periodic Alternative Current (P.A.C.)

Micro stasis has been being regressed by periodic electric current (current output peak level 10 kOhm-0.2+1.0) Improvement of hearing loss in direction of positive  has been being provided.


There have been various subjective ear noise and hyperacusis treatment methods in the literatures of the world. These are positively or negatively on equal number in comparison of treatment results  with  all these methods such as carbogen inhalation, hyperbaric oxigenation , various acapuncture sorts, laser therapy, electrosimulation, magnetic therapy, sound therapy and hypnotherapy.

Various Phisiotherapy applications made on the regions of external and middle ears are the most efficient ones of subjective hearing noise and hyperacusis treatment methods according to the literature

Hearing electro therapy device including periodic current having low electrical current was used for treatment of the patients under observation.

 Finally we proposed that those would be possible that Micro stasis could be regressed by periodic electric current (current output peak level 10 kOhm-0.2+1.0) Improvement of hearing loss in direction of positive  could be provided.

Electro  laser Hearing Therapy Device developed as our invention is a generator producing electric current adjusted frequency with the general operating  principle of tinnitus.

Clarification of hearing  is supported by being given of sound waves produced at definite frequencies as subliminal by a microphone placed into the probe of ear channel.

 Periodic currents produced by Electro laser Hearing Therapy Device has analgesic, ichor desiccator, hearing corrector, tinnitus eliminator effects

Its importance on the mechanism of ichor desiccator effect is to have perodic vein activity accelerated.

By means of this, perodic current is decreasing edema, accelerating the renewal of tissues and providing the tissues to turn to normal. Periodic currents are easily being tollerated by patients. The treatment effect of perodic current rather depends on the violent and the application period of  used current.

 Electro laser Hearing Therapy Device must carefully be used on the patients with cardia-vascular diseaes, cardiac pacemaker, hyper-tension, epilepsy, hemorrhage and on the children under the age of 3.

Electrical current is as low as the electrical current in the Cochlear Implant Devices. Current provided by our device generates feeling of tingling on the person. Hearing Electro Therapy Device has  ‘+’ and ‘-‘ electrodes.

During periodic current, ‘+’ electrodes are inserted into the channel of external ear, ‘-‘ is inserted into the channel of nose. Application of periodic current is mostly used in treatment of sensorineural hearing loss (acute and chronical).


Application of Electro LASER Hearing Therapy Device is as follows;

‘+’ electrodes fastened to Therapy Device must be submerged into hypertonic salt solution by being wrapped cotton onto its point part, later it must be inserted into between of ear channel and esophagus mouth through the outside entrance of  the ear in the form of contacting to the skin.

Heading housing electrode is inserted to the head. ‘-‘ electrodes for adults are being inserted in the form of standing to behind of esophagus from low entrance part of nose, for children it is inserted in the form of touching to the cartilage part of nose.

 Power regulator must be turned very slowly until a definite subjective feeling appears on the patient. Mostly first subjective feeling is being determined while the patient’s eyes are closed, later vibration, pain or ignition is occuring. Various feelings occure as depended on individual tissue disturbance of every patient and indicator shows various power outputs. It is important that the patient must feel  impulses given to his own. Little children show the places passing impulses, adults can tell impulse charasteristics, when impulses occure enough feeling, you can stop to turn the power regulator.

 The impulses occuring pain must be avoided. In this case the session must be lasted 10 mns. When the resistance of tissue has changed, subjective feeling level of the impulse given by the patient can change (generally it decreases). Then regulator must be adjusted so that the impulses can be felt again.

 Ten minutes later after the processes has been made, electrodes are ejected and cotton is taken out and seperated from cables and disinfected for the next session.

 Treatment consists of total 10 sessions as being one or two sessions daily. Impression of treatment is seen after 5th session. Treatment can be repeated after a month if necessary.     


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