Ear Enclosure Sheath® Sizing Guide

Ear Enclosure Sheath® come in small (1-2), medium (3-4) & large (5-6). Most adults wear medium.  
Measure your ear from top to the bottom to determine your exact size.

Small: (1-2) Ears 2 1/4 in. or less (small fits most kids over 5 years old and the occasional small-eared, but big-hearted, adults).
Medium:(3-4) Ears ranging from 2 1/4 in. to 2 3/4 in. are medium. (80% of Ear Enclosure Sheath®  are sold in medium.).
Large: (5-6) Ears measuring over 2 3/4 in. take a large.
Most Ear Enclosure Sheath® packages have a handy sizing chart on the side.

How To Use Ear Enclosure Sheath®


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